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Can the athletic cup protect both goalies and skaters when playing field hockey?

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Protective field hockey equipment has remained unchanged and unforgiving for players for years. Protective goalie equipment and hockey athletic cups have provided little to no comfort and flexibility. With the recent advancement in sports gear, street hockey accessories, sticks, and other high velocity gear, NuttyBuddy® has created the most reliable and protective groin protection athletic cup in history. With the award winning design of NuttyBuddy®, all players including goalies can play confidently when wearing our athletic cup.


“Thank you NuttyBuddy! I play recreation field hockey as both a reserve goalie and defenseman at my local club. My traditional cup has never offered me the protection that NuttyBuddy does. Protective field hockey equipment and protective goalie equipment is so hard to find! This is the first hockey athletic supporter that I have been confident to wear in both positions. It is very comfortable! Thank you NuttyBuddy for creating protective groin sports gear that really works!”

  • J. Larson, 34 – Peoria, Illinois

What makes our protective field hockey equipment so different?

We are all about Protecting The Boys! Similar protective field hockey equipment and hockey athletic supporters say their product can protect your groin region upon impact of a high velocity object, but only NuttyBuddy® has the video to prove it! Watch Mark Littell, the inventor behind this revolutionary athletic cup, take a baseball at high velocity to the groin! If you don’t believe how NuttyBuddy® can be the most protective piece of field hockey equipment you have ever owned, watch and learn.


Some sports gear is made one-size-fits-all. Not us! We have 5 sizes for protecting the boys! Whether you play youth, men’s, or pro-am field hockey, our athletic cup is proven to take the hits from sticks, kicks, knees, and even pucks! The protection our sports gear offers is unmatched in the field hockey industry.

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