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How can this cup protect me better than my standard gear?

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Paintballing is very different in comparison to traditional contact sports. How can this cup protect me better than my standard gear?

Paintball safety should be your top priority, and nothing should be left uncovered. With the radical new design of the NuttyBuddy®, you now have FULL protection of your groin area. Traditional paintball equipment and paintball safety gear does not fully protect your boys. Our athletic cup provides you with unmatched protection, unmatched comfort, as well as the security of knowing your boys are safe.


The radical new design of NuttyBuddy™, including its elongated tail, is what sets this protective gear apart. While crouched down in a shooting position, traditional cups would not protect the undercarriage. By wearing the NuttyBuddy®, you are now fully protected! Paintball safety has not seen such a radical change to its safety equipment in years. Our apparel is already proven to absorb the impact of a fast moving baseball, now just think about what the NuttyBuddy™ can do for an avid paintballer who is shot by a paintball gun from only 5 feet!

Paintball safety equipment has hit a new level of comfort and protection. Originally designed for baseball players, this radical design has taken over the role of traditional paintball safety gear. This is the first protective athletic cup that will give you full protection vs. fast moving gun shots from other paintballers.

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