My high school son will not wear a protective cup when he plays lacrosse. Should he?

Lacrosse players at all levels should be wearing proper protective athletic gear and this most definitely includes an athletic cup. The reason he is skeptical about wearing one is probably due to the lack of comfort and restriction when wearing most athletic supporters and traditional lacrosse gear. However, The NuttyBuddy® design is proven to be not only superior in safety but also in comfort. If worn properly, your son won’t even remember he is wearing a protective cup.

Lacrosse players need mobility and comfort when on the field. NuttyBuddy® is the latest in protective lacrosse gear that will not restrict movement when running or jumping. Whether you are a youth or adult playing the sport you love, protect yourself with the best in men’s lacrosse gear with the NuttyBuddy® athletic jocks and apparel.

If you are wondering how lacrosse gear like this can be comfortable -- here is why. The NuttyBuddy® is anatomically designed to fit and protect the full groin area. It holds the testicles in place and also gives them enough room to lie in their natural horizontal position. Contrary to traditional athletic cup supporters and jocks, NuttyBuddy® will be comfortable and safe, and best of all it will feel like you are wearing next to nothing!


Lacrosse gear and protective lacrosse gear has come a long way. NuttyBuddy® is confident if you try our product you will never again wear traditional lacrosse equipment or uncomfortable men’s supporters. Browse our apparel and products online today or contact us to learn more.

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