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Comfort is a critical component of the NuttyBuddy® design because in recent surveys, athletes ranked comfort #1.

  • Cradles the anatomy to fit and absorb hard blistering blows 
  • Cushioned edge that is molded and built-in to match the cup's thickness. This aids in comfort and in allowing the cup to move with the body
  • Ventilation for air flow 
  • Tested with kicks, slides, lateral movement, speed running, sharp corner cutting, impact resistance, stopping, jumping, and ballistic movement
  • Without a doubt the most comfortable and best fitting cup ever designed 
  • NuttyBuddy® is setting the standards for comfort and protection

Cup Dimensions and Sizing Chart

360° View of NuttyBuddy:  Vertical View • Horizontal View

Detailed Cup Dimensions: Mongo • The Trophy • The Hog • The Boss • The Hammer • Full Sizing Chart

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