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What media outlets has The NuttyBuddy® been featured on?

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One of the most popular magazines and names in sports, ESPN The Magazine, wrote an article on The NuttyBuddy® and the inventor Mark Littell. Charles Curtis, the author of the humorous article took light to Mark and his "head to head" experience with The NuttyBuddy® and a pitching machine.


The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup has also been featured on mainstream TV shows such as VH1 Best Week Ever and MSNBC's "Oddball with Keith Olbermann." The NuttyBuddy® is highly regarded as a monumental advancement in athletic supporter technology. Mark is actively promoting and marketing the cup to baseball teams, football teams, martial art students, lacrosse teams, and even hockey players. His idea was to create a cup that was not only comfortable to wear but was also fun to talk about. With names like Mongo, The Trophy, The Hog, The Boss, and The Hammer how could he go wrong.


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